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Evergreen Web Design is a Certified GoDaddy Reseller. Buy through us! We can match any deal + you get GoDaddy's hardware and their renowned 24/7 customer support.

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Development

Each project provides a unique opportunity to explore creative opportuinites and custom solutions. Find out how Evergreen Web Design can meet your specific online needs today!

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Custom Coding

No matter what framework or platform your project currently resides or what your future vision demands, Evergreen Web Design has you covered. Full stack development at your service!

Call: (303) WEBSITE

That's (303) 932-7483

Do Not Panic!

Trust all your hosted products to an industry leader with over 20 years of service and legendary 24/7 customer support.

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Evergreen Web Design is a proud reseller of GoDaddy services. When you host through Evergreen Web Design you're getting the exact same products for the same price and you're supporting the local economy.

From Domain names to SSL Certificates and hosting to Exchange email, we have everything you need to manage your successful online vision. You can count on 24/7/365 support and a real person to answer your call every time.

In most cases we can migrate your website for free. Call for a free consultation: (303) WEB-SITE. (That's: 303.932.7483) Or visit our storefront and dive right in!


A custom website can help rediscover your business image in the Internet marketplace.

Mobile devices now account for more Internet traffic than desktop computers. You can't afford to have an online presence without a strong mobile interface. If you're customers have to zoom, pinch and pan in order to navigate your website it quickly becomes an ineffective, cumbersome experience.

Utilizing the latest specifications in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery with a focus on viewport-independent, fluid design, you can rest assured your your site looks great and functions flawlessly no matter how your visitors get there.

  • Evergren Brewery

    Evergreen Brewery

    Hand coded. Elegant. Minimilistic. This "pet project" is destined to evolve over time.

  • Main Street Restaurant

    Main Street Restaurant

    Squarespace website with custom conditional logic that dynamically embeds content. Neat!

  • Lisa Smith Realtor

    Real Estate Site

    WordPress website for Realtor with IDX & CRM integration to search MLS listings and manage visitor retention.

  • Cabinets of Denver

    Cabinets of Denver

    Squarespace website driven by imagery. Galleries and slideshows highlight the story.

  • Best Nutrition

    Best Nutrition

    WordPress ecommerce (WooCommerce) site with product options and variations.

  • Lederer, Inc.

    Lederer, Inc

    Hand coded. Great example of integrating complex functionality with creative freedom.

  • Rookies - Batting Cages Evergreen, Colorado


    Hand coded. Evergreen, Colorado's premiere batting cages with online managed booking system.

  • Evergreen Signs Website

    Evergreen Signs

    Hand coded. Advertising in various mediums. With a mobile-optimized website they are now reaching more customers than ever.



    Hand coded. An incredibly useful browser utility built in PHP & mySQL.

Are you seeing this?!

At this point I am just showing off. Have you noticed the profusion of custom features packed into this website? Everything you are seeing here is 100% hand coded from scratch.

The point here is to showcase skills that demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of Web Development. I'm not slapping together big pretty pictures and selling fool's gold. Evergreen Web Design is the Real McCoy!

If there is anything specific I can show you please make a request. I am happy to explain why Evergreen Web Design is a cut above the rest.


Based in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado, Evergreen Web Design is a full-service Internet marketing firm offering custom solutions to virtually any Web related project. We've partnered with some of the brightest talent in the industry in order to bring you the most competitive rates available from domain registration to hosting to website concept, design and development.

Products & services include:

  • Website Development
  • SEO Services
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • WordPress Recovery & Migration
  • Custom Solutions
  • Domain Registration*
  • Hosting*
  • SSL Certificates*
  • Email*
  • 24/7/365 Support*

Visit our Storefront for a complete selection of all our discounted domain products.

* Evergreen Web Design is an authorized GoDaddy Reseller. You can buy GoDaddy products through us for less. Exact same products, same support, same dependability, less money.

Creative Solutions

This website you are looking at right now was built 100% by hand coded acuity. There is no prefabricated, template-driven framework to restrict complete creative freedom which, as a developer, represents unbriadled joy!

How can this help you? Well, to start this means that no matter what project you have, whether it exists already or it is a future concept, the sky's the limit! Nothing's getting farmed out here. You want answers? We've got 'em.


The first question everyone asks, "How much?" A similar question would be, "How much is a car?" With all of the options and details to outline it is impossible to set generic pricing. That said, pricing options are available to suit virtually every budget and project. Let's discuss your idea and outline a plan that works for you.

Discounted pricing for domain names, hosting, etc. can be found through our GoDaddy Reseller portal.


The sky's the limit!

At the risk of oversimplifying it I always tell people, "The short answer is 'Yes'." In other words, if you can think it I can do it.

Meet the Team

Robert Means

Robert Means,

I have been developing websites in Evergreen, Colorado since 1996 with a passion for integrating complex features within custom designs.

The skills I bring to your project include PHP5/7, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and JavaScript. A strong command of these languages is the very foundation of a solid product and one that you can feel confident will display across multiple browsers and devices in a consistent, reliable manner.

Contact Robert

Bobby Means

Bobby Means,

Basking in the RGB color spectrum and designing unique, beautiful websites has been a joy of mine since my first Windows 95 computer shortly after the GUI went mainstream.

I wield Photoshop like a samuri ninja and Illustrator like a middleweight contender. ...I'm working on that.

Contact Bobby

Bob Means

Bob Means,
Sales & Support

My mission is to understand your goals and vision and convey that to Bobby, our designer. He's a bit of a flake sometimes as designers can be so you'll want someone focused and persistent to keep him on task. Together we can outline a plan that works for you.

Contact Bob

Rob Means

Rob Means,
Internetual Webanaut

Don't let any of the others here fool you - I keep this circus in order and am The Pillar of resolute and steadfast integrity overseeing the entire operation and ensuring every last detail is maintained to immaculate perfection.

Contact Rob

  • Create a Blueprint
    We'll research user expectations and target common use cases, developing a clear sitemap and user flow for intuitive engagement within your custom design.
  • Design + Create
    During this phase, we focus on brand experience, content engagement and creative expression through custom design working closely with clients to create an end result that both sides will be proud of.
  • Develop + Deploy
    Using the most appropriate technologies and interactive elements, We build standards-compliant, cross-platform websites and apps that are a pixel-perfect match to the design phase mockups.
  • Relax
    You can feel confident your project is in the right hands along with the peace of mind that comes with having your own personal support specialist on call.
  • Let's Brainstorm Ideas!
    Each project begins by identifying objectives and tastes in order to customize an interactive experience tailored to your specific needs.
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